Priority Points will continue to be awarded and utilised where applicable for ticket sales of high-demand games in the 2021/22 season. 

The points system was introduced ahead of the 2019/20 campaign after a survey of Season Card holders suggested 62% were in favour of such a scheme, and has since been met with positive reviews. Points were suspended in 2020/21 and those from 2019/20 have been carried forward to 2021/22.

Priority Points are awarded** based on Season Card purchases and home and away ticket buys, and determine access to tickets for matches where there is high demand with a tiered application process.

The scheme operates in a two-year cycle, with the 2021/22 season now becoming the second year of that cycle. This means that points accrued in the 2019/20 season will be carried across into the new season. This becomes a continuous cycle - next year, points from 2019/20 will no longer be tallied, with only the two most recent seasons applicable. 

Points for 2021/22 Season Card purchases and renewals will be added before the beginning of the new season, as follows:

Season Cards

Gold Season Cards  - 80 Points
Chairman’s Drink (Continuous Season Card Holder since 2015/16) – 75 Points
Standard – 70 Points

Match ticket purchases*

Home match ticket - 3 Points
Away match ticket - 2 Points

Following feedback from supporters, the club have made the decision to remove the additional Priority Point awarded for travelling to away matches on official MFC coaches.

Please also note that the club are not accepting new applications for Away Season Cards ahead of the new season.

If you have any queries regarding Priority Points please email

*Priority Points for individual matches are subject to change

**Priority Points are allocated on a per account basis not per ticket basis, i.e. a supporter receives points for how many games they attend, not how many tickets they purchase