Video Guide

Step by Step Guide

Important: You will need to have an MFC Digital Account that is linked to your Season Card in order to renew online. View our guide on how to link your ticketing account.

  • Visit
  • Login to your MFC Digital Account.
  • Click on 'Hello Forename' in the top right corner to be taken to your Profile.
  • If you have correctly linked your MFC Digital Account to your Season Card account you will see your Season Card details in the bottom right of your profile under ‘Season Tickets’. If you have a ‘Strong Relationship’ with anyone in your ‘My Friends & Family’ you will also see their Season Card details here and will be able to renew on their behalf. You will need to have the ‘Strong Relationship’ with Friends & Family in order to do this.
  • Click on ‘Options’ in the bottom right of the ‘Season Tickets’.
  • On the next page it will show all the Season Cards available for renewal. Tick the tick boxes for each Season Card you would like to renew.
  • Click ‘Renew’ towards the top right.
  • It may still show all of the Season Cards to renew on this next page, click ‘Yes, I want to renew now’ for the Season Cards you want to renew. Alternatively click ‘Not sure, keep my seat for the time being’ if you do not wish to renew any of the Season Cards.
  • Click proceed to add the Season Cards to your basket.
  • Once the Season Card(s) are in your basket the price class will automatically show for your Season Card, so if you have an Adult Season Card for the 2019/20 Season, the renewal will also show Adult. The Date of Birth (DOB) that we have for you on the system will have to match the requirements for that price class in order to proceed. For example if you are renewing an Over 65 Season Card, your given DOB must reflect this on 01 August 2020. If you are changing price class for Season 2020/21, for example turning 65 before the season commences, this should be recognised automatically and allow you to proceed. (Please see below FAQ if the system states there is No DOB for an account).
  • Press ‘Proceed To Checkout’
  • Here you can choose whether to pay in full via card payment or choose the V12 9-month instalment plan.
  • If you choose card payment you will then be directed to the payment platform to complete your purchase. If you choose the 9-month instalment plan, after you press 'Pay' your application will begin and further information will be requested.
  • You have now renewed your Season Card(s) for the 2020/21 Season!


What if I can't see my Season Card renewal on my ticketing profile?

You may be linked to an incorrect account. The number next to your name on your ticketing profile should match the Boro Ref number on your Season Card. If you believe you are linked to the incorrect account you can easily correct this. Once you are logged in to your MFC Digital Account on our ticketing website, click on ‘Hello (Forename)’ in the top right to access your profile. Your current 'Boro Reference' will be displayed next to your name. If you are certain that this is incorrect you can select ‘Not you?’ and click 'unlink' when given the option. This will then direct you to the 'Link Your Ticketing Account page' to re-link correctly. You can also follow the video or step-by-step guides on linking your MFC Digital Account to your ticketing account.

There is an error message stating that I am a different age to what I actually am...

The age which may display for you in an error message is calculated from the DOB we have for you in your account. If the age is wrong please call the Ticket Office on 01642 929421 so that we can amend the DOB in your account, alternatively you can email or pop into the Ticket Office in person. We may request proof of DOB when changing a DOB on your account.

There is an error stating I cannot proceed as there is no DOB...

If we do not have a DOB for you in your account unfortunately you will not be able to renew online, you will have to call the Ticket Office on 01642 929421 or pop down in person. A DOB is required on your account in order for the system to recognise the correct Price Class for you, your DOB will have to match the requirements of the Price Class. If you speak to a member of the Ticket Office they will amend this for you and make sure a DOB is in the necessary account(s) so you do not encounter any further issues. 

If you require any further assistance please call the ticket office on 01642 929421, or you can email