Andy Walker joined Boro from Airdrie but was soon in trouble after making an illegal approach for one of his former club's players.

He was banned for four weeks and Boro were fined £100. Controversy was to continue to dog Walker's career on Teesside. 

Club chairman Thomas Gibson-Poole believed a Boro win against Sunderland in December 1910 would enhance his chances of election as the Tory candidate for Parliament. Walker then offered Rokerites' skipper Charlie Thompson £30 to throw the game - but the matter was instead reported to the FA. 

Jimmy Nichol won the game for Boro, but Poole was beaten by 3,000 votes. Both chairman and manager were permanently banned from football. 

Many believe Walker had only been a pawn in the scandal, but a 12,500-name petition presented to the FA failed to overturn the penalty.