We at Middlesbrough Football Club strive to make football accessible to all.

If you, or someone you know, has a disability and would like to come to the Riverside Stadium, please contact Rachel Brophy, by email at rachel.brophy@mfc.co.uk or call 01642 929430. The club as a whole is committed to ensuring equality in all areas of MFC and guaranteeing we meet the needs of disabled supporters, where possible, is something we work strongly towards. Please view our Disability Access Statement for more information.


We're using what3words to make our venue more accessible, input these 3 words into the free what3words app to navigate directly to your destination.

club shop: ///gangs.librarian.think
main entrance: ///arena.loudly.area

Car Park A: ///shack.garden.bids
Car Park B: ///blunt.delay.cool
Car Park C: ///refuse.throw.prime
Car Park D: ///holds.brass.muddy
Car Park E: ///pipes.fund.retain
Car Park F: ///loves.silk.potato

West Stand Ticket Office: ///rarely.dozen.transmitted
South Stand Ticket Office: ///tamed.ready.lace
North Stand Ticket Office: ///faster.haven.loans
East Stand Ticket Office/GRFZ: ///puddles.plans.things
Visitors Ticket Office: ///storms.riots.begin

Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Scheme

This scheme is aimed at improving the experience of visiting the Riverside for supporters with hidden disabilities.

Living with a hidden disability can make daily life more demanding for many people, but it can be difficult for others to identify, acknowledge or understand the challenges you face. Wearing the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower discreetly indicates to our staff that you may need additional support, or a little more time.

The club have a number of Sunflower products, which will be available free of charge to supporters with hidden disabilities.

If you are an Boro supporter with a hidden disability and wish to be part of the Sunflower scheme, please complete the form below and return it to Rachel Brophy, by email at rachel.brophy@mfc.co.uk. Alternatively, if you require more information about the scheme, you can call Rachel on 01642 929430.

Matchday Seating

Home Fans

The Riverside Stadium has three specific wheelchair enclosures for home supporters on a raised level. These are situated in the West Stand Lower, South West Lower Corner and the South Stand.

There are 22 spaces for wheelchair users and personal assistants in the West Stand Lower, 30 spaces in the South West Lower Corner and 29 spaces in the South Stand.

There is also wheelchair availability on the front row of the stadium on both the East and West Stands, should there be no availability in the three home raised enclosures. The downloadable map below shows all of MFC's accessible bays.

MFC have also identified amenity and easy access seating in both the West Stand Lower and the East Stand Lower. Please speak to a member of the Ticket Office for more information. A map of these areas can be downloaded below. 

Visually impaired supporters are able to sit alongside their personal assistants in any part of the stadium, providing the seating is suitable for their specific requirements.

Visiting Supporters

For visiting supporters, there is wheelchair availability on a raised deck within the visitors section. Again, additional spaces are provided pitchside if needed. These tickets will be forwarded to the opposing team and must be purchased directly though the visiting club.


Tickets for wheelchair users, visually impaired and other disabled supporters and their personal assistants, are sold on a two-for-one basis at the standard price for the available stand (personal assistant goes free). Please speak to the Ticket Office for more information.

Car Parking

The Riverside Stadium has approximately 190 seasonal accessible parking spaces, located in car parks around the stadium.

Please note: All available spaces are currently reserved for holders of passes from previous seasons and it is unlikely that any further seasonal passes will become available.

There are five spaces available for visiting disabled supporters, which can be booked by telephone on 01642 929421. Parking spaces cost £6 each, plus a processing fee of £1 per pass purchased.

Subject to availability, there is also general matchday parking which can be purchased for £6 by calling the above number, also subject to a £1 per pass processing fee.

This is not exclusively accessible parking so is sold on a first-come, first-served basis through the Ticket Office.

Matchday Special Requests

Assistance Dogs

The club do everything possible to assist those supporters with assistance dogs. Due to the design of the stadium, we are only able to accommodate supporters with assistance dogs on our front row seating.

Please contact our Disability Liaison Officer, Rachel Brophy, on 01642 929430 or by email to supporters@mfc.co.uk to make the necessary arrangements.

Temporarily Disabled Supporters

Any supporter suffering from a temporary disability (for example, a broken leg), which could affect their ease of access while at the stadium, must contact the club on 01642 929430 well in advance of the match so their seats can be relocated to an area which is more accessible to them.

This relocation will be subject to availability, so please contact us at least a week in advance of the match.

Other Facilities

Accessible Toilets

These are situated in each stand and are fitted with RADAR locks and keys. Stewards have a key to access them, but supporters can use their own if they have one. A map of all the stadium's Accessible Toilets can be downloaded below.

Audio Descriptive Commentary

The club currently has an audio descriptive commentary service available. Fans can contact supporters@mfc.co.uk or Rachel Brophy on 01642 929430.

Sensory Room

MFC launched its very first Sensory Room in March 2017. If you would like to know more about this facility, please visit our Matchday Sensory Room page or contact supporters@mfc.co.uk, addressing FAO Yvonne Ferguson, Middlesbrough Football Club’s Head of Supporter Services.

Changing Places Facility

The Riverside Stadium currently has one Changing Places facility located on site. This is situated in the West Lower North concourse. Please speak with a member of the Ticket Office should you require further information on where the best seating would be to access this facility.


Each kiosk has lowered counters to make it easier for wheelchair access. On all raised level accessible enclosures (with the exception of the visitors section) there is a waitress service in operation to save you having to venture onto the concourse, which can be extremely populated at and around the half-time interval.


Epilepsy Warning: During home games, flashing lights operate in the Riverside Stadium. If you experience epileptic seizures when viewing flashing lights, the pre-match light show may affect you. Please seek assistance from a steward on arrival, or if you feel unwell.


The club reserve the right to check a person's eligibility under the Equality Act 2010. While we are here to help at every opportunity, any supporter wishing to claim a disabled concession must be able to produce one of the following:

  • Confirmation of the Middle or Higher rate of Disability Living Allowance
  • Confirmation of the Enhanced or Standard Daily Living or Mobility component of Personal Independence Payment
  • Confirmation of the Middle or Higher rate of Mobility Allowance
  • Confirmation of the Middle or Higher rate of Attendance Allowance
  • Confirmation of the Middle or Higher rate of Severe Disablement Allowance
  • Registration document which certifies that they are Registered Blind or Partially Sighted

Please note: Receipt of a Blue/Orange badge or incapacity benefit will not be considered sufficient proof of disability to enable you to purchase tickets in our disabled enclosures.

Contact Details

Rachel Brophy
Disability Liaison Officer
Middlesbrough Football Club
Riverside Stadium

Telephone: 01642 929430

Email: rachel.brophy@mfc.co.uk

Middlesbrough Disabled Supporters Association (MDSA)

MDSA campaigns on behalf of disabled fans and organises trips to most away games.

The group has a very close relationship with the club and meets officials regularly to discuss issues affecting members.

Contact Details

Paddy Cronesberry MBE
MDSA Chairman

Telephone: 07719 027157 or 01642 641620

Email: paddyboro@hotmail.com